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Overview of Brevard Public Schools Mentoring

Brevard Public Schools has a countywide effort with program partnership agreements with many agencies, businesses, civic groups and the local chambers of commerce to provide mentoring.

Individuals volunteer to mentor students in local schools through a wide variety of program options.  Generally, a mentor is assigned to one student and meets with that student once a week for the entire school year on the school campus, and only on the school campus.

The goal of the mentor is to develop a friendship with the student and within that relationship, assist the student in developing and achieving goals.  Benefits for the students include higher grades, fewer absences, career exploration and the caring, support and encouragement of a role model.  For the mentor there is challenge and satisfaction derived from helping students overcome their challenges.

Individuals who join in this business and education partnership help students to benefit socially, emotionally and academically and this will lead ultimately to better-educated and more productive citizens.

                                The Mentoring Process

The key ingredient in mentoring is the relationship between the mentor and the student.  Like all friendships, there must be caring, trust, acceptance and respect.  Friendships do not develop in one hour, so students will not be sharing private concerns for several weeks.  Mentors need time to get to know their student.  If this process is rushed, the trusting relationship will not develop.

Mentors report that the first few weeks of meeting with a student are a little awkward.  Mentors will wonder if the student will like them, if he/she will talk and what will be discussed.  The student has the same concerns about this.  It is tough getting through the first few weeks, but sometime between the fourth and sixth meeting, a student will begin to believe he can depend on the mentor to be there each week.  That is when the trust begins to form.  When that happens, mentors will really start to look forward to that hour every week.  This may become one of the most personally satisfying events in their life.

Since consistency is the key to developing and maintaining the student and mentor relationship, mentors who have a schedule conflict with the mentoring appointment, can meet with their student on any other day of that week, but at the same time of day.  The school/student should be called to let him/her know about the change.

Please remember that mentoring does not produce a quick fix to solve difficult, chronic problems.  Although many students will benefit from the mentoring relationship, it won't be successful for everyone.

                                     Take Stock in Children Mentoring Program website

                                      How do I start?

You can find out how to become a mentor by making an appointment with the mentoring coordinator at any public school in Brevard County.  For more information, contact the district District Mentoring Coordinator.


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