For Immediate Release:  December 19, 2012



            VIERA, FLA. - As promised at the December 11, 2012 School Board Meeting, Dr. Brian Binggeli has released the list of proposed cuts and revenue enhancements to the 2013-2014 school year budget. “With the retirement of the critical needs quarter mill, resulting in a $8.9 million recurring loss, along with the failed half-cent sales tax referendum, we needed to make significant cuts to our operating budget to provide greater stability for capital funding,” states superintendent, Brian Binggeli. “We have $1.8 billion in facilities to maintain and close to 500 busses. We have been deferring critical renewal needs for the past years that cannot be sustained.”  The completed list includes the closure of four schools; Clearlake Middle School, Gardendale Elementary, Sea Park Elementary, and South Lake Elementary.

            District personnel engaged in a rigorous process to produce the list of proposed cuts. The challenge was to increase capital funds through a systematic approach that prioritized student programming. Each potential cut was weighted as to its impact on the district’s mission from low to high.  “As items were put on the table, we looked specifically at three things: depth of impact on all students in BPS, depth of impact to the staff, and the amount of money associated with the proposed cut,” states Michelle Irwin, director of District Communications. Part of the plan includes revenue enhancements along with transfer of funds from district reserves. “We will take $4 million from our capital reserve over the next two years for a total transfer of $8 million.  We will also be moving $10 million from our operating budget to our capital budget,” states Binggeli.

            Brevard Public Schools is making the proposed cuts as a comprehensive plan to preserve the integrity of its facilities and transportation without deferring the costs to future generations. “The sales surtax was presented to our community as a way to stop this untenable path of deferral. It is likely to be presented again in 2014. But for now, we must take responsible action,” Binggeli concludes.

            To gain community input, forums are being planned. There will be a forum dedicated to boundary decisions related to the proposed school closures at the Educational Services Center in Viera on January 10, 2013 at 6:30. Forums to gain community input as to the proposed list of budget cuts will be planned for March and April.

            To review the proposed list of cuts and our frequently asked questions, visit the Brevard Public Schools website at: